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Plastic granulator-formed the basic processes and methods

Zhangjiagang Saiou Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 03, 2017

Thermoplastic resins and additives mixed granulation added plastic granulator. material in the barrel by mechanical shear, friction heat heating. its melting and plasticizing while under the Rotary screw pushes forward, making it a dense melt. Melt then in the filter plate and different types of molding die. and becomes a constant cross-section shape of profiles, _ obtained by cooling products

Plastics molding method is based on the shape of the product set. Product shape can only be obtained by a molding method. lines of two or more methods that are available. Extrusion products were produced continuously, the axial section shapes of products are the same. Because it is a continuous operation, high production efficiency, product quality is stable. Extrusion is batch products. the shape of the product can be made into almost any shape. Calendering products can only be produced by film, plate sheets.

Plastic products manufacturing, apart from outside after the molding process, some products need to be machined, modifier and assembling. After mechanical processing refers to the shape of the workpiece on the drill, such as turning, milling and processing, to complete the forming process can not be achieved or completed operations; modifications aimed at enhancing the appearance products or other purpose; assemble feet each complete supporting the workpiece connection or Assembly, so that it becomes a process of complete products. To make a good plastic products, general procedures are: ① Select Express materials or ingredients; determining process c Pavilion, stencil design products and processed about determining optimum conditions and testing; II detection properties; ⑥ adjustment and improved formulations, mold and process conditions; sadly, mass production.

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