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High Degree Of Automation Of Plastic Pipe Making Machine

Zhangjiagang Saiou Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

The mainframe drive of plastic pipe making machine adopts stepless variable speed, and the whole machine automatic control system. Screw, barrel using high-quality alloy steel, and by ion nitriding treatment, wear-resisting, corrosion-resistant, screw design special, can be directly used powder production, reduce the cost of film. Plastic Pipe machine Electrical Components high precision, reliable quality, convenient maintenance. Plastic Pipe-making machine it is durable, quality, with high output, low energy consumption, high degree of automation characteristics, Plastic Pipe Making Machine with its low investment, quick results, good economic benefits and other advantages, by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau as Green products, won acclaim all over the users throughout the country.

Since the advent of plastic pipes, because of good rigidity, corrosion resistance, compressive strength, environmental protection and energy-saving characteristics, has gradually replaced a variety of galvanized pipe, steel pipe and other easily corroded metal pipe become the market's favorite, Plastic Pipe Making Machine widely used in urban, rural, family agricultural production and daily life. Plastic pipe machine mainly has electrical control cabinet-extruder-traction machine-air pump-cooling water tank-rewinding and other components, the power is 5.5-18kw, production of 20-60 kg/hour, adjust the machine can produce plates, nylon grass, Plastic Pipe Making Machine aluminum alloy door and window plastic products.

Plastic pipe machine can produce life water pipe and coal mine water pipe, according to the user needs to produce a variety of plastic pipes, poured pipe.

Plastic pipe machine is the production of a variety of soft, hard plastic pipe equipment, can produce 4 points-5 inches of various plastic pipes, mainly by the electrical control cabinet-extruder-traction machine-air pump-cooling water box-rewinding and other parts, the strength of 5.5-10k, the output of 20-60 kg/hour, Plastic Pipe Making Machine the new material used in the old materials can be a variety of composite pipe. The machine features: 1. The host drive adopts stepless variable speed, the whole machine automatic control. 2. Screw, Plastic Pipe Making Machine barrel using high-quality alloy steel, and by ion nitriding treatment, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant 3. High precision electrical components, reliable quality, easy maintenance.

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