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Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine Production Speed

Zhangjiagang Saiou Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Plastic bellows machine has the advantages of fast forming speed, strong adaptability, variety of products, simple process, easy production and high efficiency, and also has defects such as rough appearance of products. Mechanical bulging is the use of the mold flap under the action of pressure cone, horizontal outward bellows barrel bulging out waveform, mainly applicable to the diameter φ80~φ2000mm corrugated pipe. Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine Because of the limited size of the mold itself, small-caliber bellows forming more difficult; large-caliber corrugated pipe, due to the small demand, mold processing costs are higher, generally do not use mechanical bulging, but the use of rolling molding and so on.

The plastic corrugated pipe machine is composed of a mould mechanism, a clamping mechanism, a power driving device and an electrical control device. The helical tower Spring is used to separate the die, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine and the Spiral Tower Spring is installed on each plate plane. Template in the Spiral Tower spring elastic action, mutual repulsion, in the limited length of the limit, the template basically achieved a certain distance of the arrangement, the completion of automatic separation mode, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine the unlocking mechanism by the left and right rocker arm, connecting rod, locking arm and supporting shaft composition, Through the power drive device drive the connecting rod to drive left and right rocker arm and locking arm open and close, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine to achieve the template lock mode, in addition to the template is also equipped with wedges to achieve further refinement of the template.

The plastic corrugated pipe machine consists of a mould mechanism, a clamping mechanism, a power driving device and an electrical control device, multi-block template set on the guide rod, the end of the guide bar is connected to the clamping mechanism, which is characterized in that the model mechanism consists of a template, a guide rod, a helical tower spring and a limiting device, and a helical tower spring is arranged on the plane side of the template, The helical tower Spring is fixed in the blind hole of the template plane, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine and the axis of the helical tower Spring is parallel to the axis of the guide rod. The elastic displacement direction of the helical Tower Spring is consistent with the movement direction of the template along the guide rod, and the other end of the guide rod is provided with a limit device for controlling the spacing of the template, which is composed of the left and right rocker arm, the connecting rod, the locking arm and the supporting shaft. , Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine the left and right rocker arm is hinged with the support shaft, driving the connecting rod through the Power drive device to open and close the rocker arm, and locking the upper and right rocker arm through the locking arm, while the rocker arm drives the template's opening mode and clamping mode through the guide rod.

Plastic Bellows Machine According to the corrugated pipe forming process is divided into two types, internal pressure molding and vacuum molding. Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine The cooling mode of the corrugated molding module is water-cooled and air-cooled.

Advantages of plastic corrugated pipe machine equipment

1. Plastic Bellows machine Cooling system efficiency, production speed, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine increase the production of plastic pipe, reduce the production cost of manufacturers

2. The module can be replaced quickly. A set of modules consisting of a number of monomer modules can be replaced in a short period of time. Minimize disruption during production

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