HDPE Green Roof Drainage Waterproofing Drainage Sheet Machine

Drainage Waterproofing Drainage Sheet Machine
Processed Polymers: PE Virgin or recycled material
Thickness range: 0.8-1.5mm
Sheet width:1200-3000mm ( wider upon request )
special design for high output and energy saving

Product details

HDPE green roof drainage waterproofing drainage sheet machine

Descrition of Waterproofing drainage sheet production machine:
waterproofing drainage sheet machine (waterproof drainage sheet production line)
Structure features:
○  With horizontal-suction type is a kind of low-input drainageboard production equipment
○  Whole-set of equipment adopts PLC and coordinate with atouchscreen to work automatically
○  Then flat geomembrane is heated to form dimple drainboards
○  It is very easy for users to operate

Features of Waterproofing drain sheet machine:
1) Production of many colors and many series of drainage sheet.
2) Complete automation machine to save the time and manpower.
3) Different moulds to produce drainage sheet with dimple's height of 5mm,10mm,15mm,20mm.
4) Specially designed roller to ensure the precise thickness of the sheet, thus to lower the rate of wasting raw material.

Technical parameter of waterproofing drain sheet extrusion machine:






Main motor





Screw diameter(mm)





L/D ratio





Motor power(kw)





Control method

Frequency conversion


Move method

Whole move







Quencher roller cooled medium



Total power(kw)





HDPE waterproof drainage sheet

Waterproof drainage sheet Applications:
Polyethylene (HDPE) drainage sheet against the application as follows:

Garden Project: garage roof greening, roof garden, green roof, soccer fields, golf courses, beach projects
Municipal engineering: road embankment, subway tunnels
Construction: building the basis of the upper or lower, basement and outside walls, roof and insulation and other impervious
Traffic Engineering: roads, railway embankment, embankment and slope protection layer

Waterproof drainage sheet Features:
Conductivity water drainage:

Waterproof and drainage sheet has established the rough hollow bar structure, you can export the water quickly and efficiently, greatly reduce or even eliminate the hydrostatic pressure waterproof layer, and hydraulic conductivity through the active principle of this initiative can achieve the effect of water.
Polyethylene (HDPE) materials, waterproofing and drainage sheet itself is a good waterproof material. By using a reliable connection, the anti-drain into a good secondary waterproof material.
Protection Protective:
Waterproof and drainage sheet can effectively protect structures and waterproofing, and resistance to various types of soil pH and plant thorn. In the basement wall backfill, it can protect against damage to buildings and waterproof layer.

Waterproof drainage sheet Competitive Advantage:
Moisture-proof insulation and ventilation functions:

Laboratory data show that polyethylene (HDPE) drainage sheet can effectively reduce the anti-room 14 db, 500HZ noise, noise with a significant noise reduction features. Waterproof guide plate on the ground or wall of water use, good ventilation, moisture may play a role.
1) Long service life.Pressure resistant,anti-corrosion,character of not decomposing.
2) Environmental protection material to ensure safety underground water sources.
3) Professional waterproof design to realize security of overall protection system.
4) Good flexibility to ensure products all the best function.

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